Family Resources

These are some links we believe you will find helpful when looking for information about Crohns, Colitis and other digestive disorders.

 Children’s Digestive Health


 Crohns & Colitis Foundation of America

 Short Bowel Syndrome 

Summer Camp is a fun way for kids to learn and grow. Here are a few camps that have programs for kids with GI conditions. Take a look at their websites to see if you think your child might enjoy some great fun at one of these camps. It will give your child an opportunity to mingle with other kids who may be dealing with some of the same issues in life!

Summer Camp Links

Multiple disabilities

 Victory Junction


 The Center for Courageous Kids® We prescribe fun.

IBD Specific Camps

 Youth Rally – includes Bladder & Bowel dysfunction

 CCFA Camp Oasis

Celiac Disease

 Camp Celiac – Celebrating Life, Gluten Free