Endoscopies (EGD)

What is an EGD?

An EGD is an outpatient test preformed when your child is sedated. A flexible scope is passed into the mouth, passing the esophagus and stomach and ending in the first part of the small bowel called the duodenium. Dr. Strobel can see the wall of the upper GI tract on a TV screen that is in front of him during procedure. Air is often used to help expand the wall of the stomach so that the tissue can be more easily seen. Pictures and biopsies (tissue samples) are taken during the procedure. These biopsies are sent to a lab for evaluation under microscope. The results of these are usually back within 48 hours. Our office will call you if results come back showing us something that we did not know, see or treat after procedure. If you do not hear back from us, feel free to call the office to obtain results.

What can I expect when I come in for the procedure?

Before the procedure you will have an opportunity to talk with nurses and physicians, including a physician that will be doing your child’s sedation. An IV will be started and you will get to be with your child until they fall asleep. Then you will wait in a waiting area during the procedure (approx 30 minutes). As soon at the procedure is over, Dr. Strobel will come to talk to you and show you the pictures that were taken during the procedure. Once your child is awake a nurse will escort him/her to you in the waiting area. You can leave once your child is awake enough to drink something and walk on their own (usually approx 20 min).

What should I watch for after the procedure?

Sometimes after an EGD, your child may experience some throat irritation, abdominal bloating and discomfort. This is considered normal after an EGD. If your child experiences any large amounts of blood in stool or vomit, fever (>101), rash, lethargy (unable to awaken them), unable to eat or drink after 6 hours or any unusual symptoms or pain, please call the office at 522-4116 and if the office is closed, choose the option for the on call nurse.

Click here to download your Endoscopy PREP instructions.